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The meaning of LEUKOCYTOPENIA is leukopenia. Leukopenia is generally defined as a reduction in the total white blood cell defined as a neutrophil count of less than 1, cells per deciliter. Leukopenia, abnormally low number of white blood cells (leukocytes) in the blood circulation, defined as less than 5, leukocytes per cubic millimetre of. A low white blood cell count is also sometimes called leukopenia (or leukocytopenia) Low White Blood Cell Count. Definition, Causes and Ranges leukopenia (or. Definition of Leukopenia Leukopenia: A shortage of white blood cells. About Us Terms of Use.

Abnormal decrease of white blood cells usually below /mm3. A great number of drugs may cause leukopenia, as can failure of the bone marrow. SYN: SEE. LEUKOPENIA definition: a decrease below normal in the number of leukocytes in the blood | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples in American. a condition in which the number of white blood cells circulating in the blood is abnormally low and which is most commonly due to a decreased production of. Leukopenia (also known as leukocytopenia, or leucopenia) Leukopenia (Leukocytopenia, Leucopenia). NewsGuard Neutropenia in adults is defined as an absolute. leukopenia · Neo-Latin leucopenia, equivalent. to leuco- leuko- + Greek penía poverty, akin to pénesthai to be poor, toil; see -ia · – Leukopenia is a reduction in the circulating white blood cell (WBC) count to 9/L). It is usually the consequence of a reduced number of. Leukopenia can be defined as a condition in which there is an abnormally reduced amount of white blood cells (normal white blood cell count is –11,/μL). Leukopenia is a decrease in the number of white blood cells in the blood. Causes Leukopenia can be caused Infections Autoimmune diseases etc. Words pronounced/spelled similarly to "leukopenia": leucopenia leukopenia · Words contain "leukopenia" in its definition in English - English (Wordnet). Neutropenia and leukopenia are terms used to refer to lowered numbers of white blood cells (WBCs) in the blood. WBCs help the body fight infection and. Leuco means white and penia means deficiency. So leukopenia meaning is the decrease in the number of white blood cells. They exist in the blood and are white.

leukopenia or leucopenia an abnormal decrease or deficiency of leukocytes circulating in the blood. Also (esp. Brit.) leukopaenia or leucopaenia. Access. A low white blood cell count is a decrease in the cells in the blood that fight disease. What's low in white blood cell count varies from one lab to another. NCI's Dictionary of Cancer Terms provides easy-to-understand definitions for words and phrases related to cancer and medicine. noun An abnormally low number of leukocytes in the circulating blood. from The Century Dictionary. noun Same as leucopenia. from Wiktionary, Creative Commons. Leukopenia is a medical condition characterized by a decrease in the number of Leukopenia (low white blood cell count). Definition. Leukopenia is a medical. Low white cell count (leukopenia) causes an increased risk for infection. Low platelet count (thrombocytopenia) can result in bleeding. Symptoms include. Leukopenia is a condition where the body doesn't have enough disease-fighting leukocytes in the blood. It is associated with a low white blood cell count. White. Leukopenia. Leukopenia is defined as a decrease in leukocyte numbers, which is most often caused by a decrease in the number of neutrophils (neutropenia), as. Definition · Leukocytosis is an elevation in the absolute WBC count (>10, cells/μL). · Leukopenia is a reduction in the WBC count .

leukopenia. leukopenia - Dictionary definition and meaning for word leukopenia. Definition (noun) an abnormal lowering of the white blood cell count. Synonyms. Leukopenia is a condition where you have too few white blood cells. Learn more about its symptoms, causes, complications, and treatment. Define leukopenia. leukopenia synonyms, leukopenia pronunciation, leukopenia translation, English dictionary definition of leukopenia. also leu·co·pe·ni·a n. Leukopenia definition: A decrease below normal in the number of leukocytes in the blood. From leuko- +‎ -penia. Noun edit. leukopenia (countable and uncountable, plural leukopenias).

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